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Dukungan Supply Chain

Supply Chain Support Services

Over the past few years, the attention of importers has become noticeably more focused on supply chain issues.  “Where did the wood … come from?” “Was it sourced and produced legally?” “Is the forest from which it came being sustainably managed?” These are some of the questions being raised by importers.

The environmental lobby has played its part in raising awareness on illegal logging and unsustainable practices, but it is concrete measures such as the passage of the Lacey Act Amendment in the US and the Due Diligence Regulation due to be passed later this year by the European parliament that has helped to focus the attention of manufacturers and importers on supply chain issues.

TFF-Indonesia provides a range of services aimed at bringing assurances of legality to the exporting industry or the importing company by facilitating preparations for third party legality and chain-of-custody audits and by providing individually tailored investigations and reports.  This range of services can be supported by a retainer contract or can be provided under a ‘one off’ service fee arrangement.