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Bantuan Sertifikasi

Certification Support Services

FSC - RIL Verified, Legal VerifiedConsidered by many to represent the crowning recognition of exemplary achievement, FSC certification has long been held up as the ‘holy grail’ of sustainable forest management.

In belated recognition of the challenges that the FSC standard presents for FMUs, particularly in the tropical world, various advocates of the FSC certification system have proposed elaborate “step-wise” schemes of recognizing progress and achievement towards the goal of certification.

TFF-Indonesia has inadvertently come to realize that its open approach of engagement and its range of complimentary services, has proven highly successful in encouraging forest management companies to strive for ever increasing measure of excellence.  Most of the companies that first engaged in RIL training are now FSC certified.  Companies who have in the past few years participated in RIL and legal verification activities under TFF sponsorship are now applying for forest certification.

TFF-Indonesia has become a major proponent of FSC certification in response to the creation of a significant funding platform specifically designed to stimulate forest certification in  Indonesia.

In January 2010, The Borneo Initiative, a Dutch NGO launched the first round of funding support for Indonesian forest concession with the signing of 5 contracts.  TFF-Indonesia represents 4 of these concession companies.

On June 28, 2010 the second round of funding will become available and once again, TFF represents the majority of the participating concessions in a technical advisory capacity.