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PT Gema Hutani Lestari becomes the latest FSC success story…

PT Gema Hutani Lestari becomes the latest FSC success story

PT. Gema Hutani Lestari

PT. Gema Hutani Lestari





November brings news of another certification success, this time from the Malucuan island of Pulau Buru. The timber concession company of PT Gema Hutani Lestari (GHL), a long standing collaborator with TFF, announced on November 20th that it had achieved full certification status under the FSC certification scheme. GHL is a 148,450 natural forest concession straddling the island of Pulau Buru in South Malucu. The concession ships all of its production to Makasar in South Sulawesi, the location of the company’s industry, PT Katingan Timber Celebes (KTC). The certification of GHL by Woodmark Soil Association, brings to 8 concessions that TFF has assisted to achieve full FSC certification since the beginning of The Borneo Initiative certification support program January 2010. Other TFF assisted successes in FSC certification this year include:

  • Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd. On June 1st, 2013 TFF received confirmation that the Papua New Guinea forest management company of Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd., was awarded the FSC certificate of sustainable forest management.                      Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd.Even though it’s a long way from Borneo, Cloudy Bay was accepted into The Borneo Initiative (TBI) certification support program in November 2012 with TFF acting as the company’s certification coach. This 148,900 ha concession becomes the third forest management unit to be certified in Papua New Guinea.
  • PT Indexim Utama We closed the month of June, 2013 with the announcement that PT Indexim Utama, a 52,480 ha concession in Central Kalimantan, has achieved full FSC certification. Indexim has had a relationship with TFF for many years and has gradually built up its management abilities and confidence to the point where it was prepared to commit to the certification process by joining TBI in June 2010 under TFF sponsorship. Indexim is one of two adjacent concessions belonging to the Surya Strya Timur Group which operates a plywood factory in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

Forest Concessions supported by The Borneo Initiative


Company Name


Area (Ha)


Date Certified

Certification Bodies (CB)
1. PT Suka Jaya Makmur W-Kalimantan 171,340 TFF 30 Juni 2011 Control Union
2. PT Belayan River Timber E-Kalimantan 97,500 TFF 28 April 2012 Control Union
3. PT Roda Mas Timber E-Kalimantan 69,330 TFF 29 April 2012 Control Union
  PT Sarang Sapta Putra C-Kalimantan 51,500 Gaia CANCELLED CANCELLED
4. PT Sarmiento Parakanca Timber C-Kalimantan 216,550 TFF 21 December 2011 Smartwood
4 Group 1 (Start : Jan. 2010) 606,220  
5. PT Indexim Utama E-Kalimantan 52,480 TFF 28 June, 2013 S G S
6. PT Narkata Rimba E-Kalimantan 41,540 TFF 16 August 2011 Control Union
7. PT Kemakmuran Berkah Timber E-Kalimantan 82,810 TNC May 2012 Smartwood
8. PT Dwimajaya Utama C-Kalimantan 127,300 TFT February 2013 S C S
9. PT Ratah Timber E-Kalimantan 97,216 GFTN March 2013 S G S
10. PT Gema Hutani Lestari Maluku 148,450 TFF 20 Nov. 2013 Woodmark Soil Association
11. PT Wapoga Mutiara Timber II Papua 196,900 TFF    
7 Group 2 (Start : June 2010) 746,696  
12. PT Rizki Kacida Reana E-Kalimantan 55,150 TNC    
13. PT Salaki Summa Sejahtera West Sumatera 48,420 IPB    
14. PT Mamberamo Alas Mandiri Papua 677,310 TFF    
15. PT Wukirasari West Papua 116,320 GFTN    
4 Group 3 (Start : June 2011 897,200  
16. PT Sari Bumi Kusuma - Delang West Kalimantan 60,700 TFF    
17. PT Gunung Gajah Abadi East Kalimantan 81,000 TNC    
18. PT Kandelia Alam West Kalimantan 18,130 GFTN    
19. PT Bini Ovivipari Semesta West Kalimantan 10,100 GFTN    
20. PT Inhutani I - Meraang East Kalimantan 70,700 TNC    
21. PT Adhi Mitra East Kalimantan 52,100 GFTN    
22. PT Wanasokan Hasilindo West Kalimantan 49,000 TFF    
23. PT Graha Santosa Permai Central Kalimantan 44,970 TFF    
24. PT Sumalindo LJ IV East Kalimantan 63,550 GFTN    
25. PT Sumalindo LJ V East Kalimantan 61,465 GFTN    
10 Group 4 ( Start : Jan. 2012) 511,715  
26. PT Mitra Pembangunan Global West Papua 83,950 TFT    
27. PT Bina Balantak Utama Papua 298,710 TFF    
28. PT Telagabakti Persada North Maluku 63,405 TFF    
29. Perum Perhutani KPH Banten West Java 80,162 TFT    
  PT Manokwari Mandiri Lestari West Papua 83,240 TFT CANCELLED CANCELLED
4 Group 5 (Start : June 2012) 609,467      
30. Cloudy Bay Forestry Ltd. Papua New Guinea 148,900 TFF 1 June 2013  
31. PT. Carus Indonesia Central Kalimantan 73,281 TFT    
32. PT. Wana Bakti P.U. East Kalimantan 44,402 TNC    
33. PT. Aditya Kirana M. East Kallimantan 42,700 TNC    
34. PT. Inhutani II, Sei Tubu East Kalimantan 99,100 TFF    
35. PT. Inhutani II, Semamu East Kalimantan 71,375 TFF    
36. PT. Inhutani II, Malinau North Kalimantan 29,400 TFF    
6 Group 6 (Start : March 20, 2013) 508,798      
37. PT Multi Wahana Wijaya West Papua 107,740 TFT    
38. PT ASCO Prima Nusantara West Papua 171,270 TFT    
39. PT Utama Damai Indah Timber East Kalimantan 49,250 TNC    
40. PT Karya Lestari East Kalimantan 49,123 TNC    
41. PT BUMWI West Papua 82,120 GFTN    
42. PT Wijaya Sentosa West Papua 130,755 WA    
6 Group 7 (Start : November 21, 2013) 590,258      
T O T A L 4,470,354