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British Petrolium

bp logo01Harvesting Plan Study for Tangguh Expansion Project of British Petrolium in West Papua. Tangguh Expansion Project (TEP) in Bintuni Bay of West Papua is one of the project sites operated by British Petrolium (BP).

The TEP is planned to start on the first quarter of 2014 to support onshore LNG construction activities in the first quater of 2015. To support the TEP, BP needs to convert approximately 350 ha of forested lands for establishing the TEP facilities. Conversion of forested lands into other purposes requires a legal permit from the Indonesian governement (c.q. Ministry of Forestry).

To acquire a legal permit of forest conversion, BP has to comply with the regulation of Ministry of Forestry No. P.14/Menhut-II/2011 regarding 'Izin Pemanfaatan Kayu' (IPK, licence for timber utilization). According to such regulation, BP needs to submit an IPK application complemented by two essential documents: timber cruising report and harvesting plan.

The project will be organized and implemented by a consortium team of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) who serve as a project leader. In the project implementation, the IPB team will collaborate with a team of Papua University (UNIPA) who is responsible for field data collection, and with a team of Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) who is responsible for quality assurance of the project and provide technical trainings to the survey teams.