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Supply Chain Support Services

Over the past few years, the attention of importers has become noticeably more focused on supply chain issues.  “Where did the wood … come from?” “Was it sourced and produced legally?” “Is the forest from which it came being sustainably managed?”

VLO Merbau Now Available

VLO Program marks it's first successes...



Legal Verified woodForest Market Linking Program Update and List of Participants.  PT ...


Training Modules & Training Schedule

Field training in Reduced Impact Logging, certification, or related topics, are organized by TFF on an individual request basis.

Interested forest management units may choose one of the following training modules, or discuss t...

RIL and LEGAL Verified


TFF finalizes protocol for the use of two ...


TFF Announces PT Roda Mas Certificate

In a modest ceremony held at Manggala Wanabakti on May 22, 2008, the Tropical Forest Foundation recognazed the forest concession of PT Roda Mas Timber for it's achievements under TFF's "Forest Market Linking" program.

Training in RIL involves both classroom and field exercisesDemand and Support for RIL Training Remain...


Field Training & Extension Services

The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) is an international non-profit, non-government, foundation which specializes in training for the implementation of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) and sustainable forest management.

Building on...

Inspecting Merbau logsCollaboration with DLH

VLO Program marks it's first successes...