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TFF Brazil

TFF’s Brazil program aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable forest management (SFM) principles and reduced impact logging (RIL) practices among producers in the Amazon Region. TFF’s Brazilian subsidiary, Fundacao Floresta Tropical (FFT), implements the program through demonstration, training, and research and documentation.

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TFF provides in-situ training at its own forest camp at Cauaxi in Para State. Courses are provided in all aspects of forest management and harvesting in the context of a working forest. Participants from the private forest sector, government, and educational institutions are orientated in a "hands-on" environment. This site also provides the working area for research into RIL, silviculture, and related forest management topics for both Brazilian and international researchers.


In addition, almost half of FFT’s training activities are delivered as extension services to forest management units around the country and the region. To-date, over 2,000 persons have received training in one or more of FFT’s training courses. FFT also provides practical training for participants from neighbouring countries.


FFT has established close links with a wide variety of government, educational, and research institutions and is a key participant in the development of a permanent training facility for SFM-RIL in the Brazilian Amazon.


FFT’s program is currently being supported by USAID (Global Bureau), USAID-Brazil, USDA-Forest Service Office of International Programs (USDA-FS) and the ITTO. In September, 2003, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) announced that an earlier ITTO grant to FFT had been evaluated as one of the best three ITTO projects ever. FFT is now receiving funding support under a new ITTO grant.


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