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Contour Mapping Training by TFF in 2000

General Information

The Tropical Forest Foundation is an international, non-profit, educational NGO dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests through sustainable forestry. TFF has become widely recognized for establishing demonstration models and training courses to show the advantages and teach the principles of sustainable forest management. TFF’s regional programs have become synonymous with the promotion and training of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL). The TFF’s Board of Directors includes a balanced membership from industry, government, science, academia, and conservation. In supporting the goals and activities of TFF, each member of the Board has an interest in seeing tropical forests sustained and renewed.


The Southeast Asia and Pacific Program of the TFF is focused primarily on Indonesia, the home of the largest area of tropical forest in the Region. TFF’s core activity is in practical training for RIL on a request basis. Increasingly, however, issues such as legality, market linking, and certification support have been integrated into the services offered by TFF-Indonesia.

To maintain it’s relevance and effectiveness, the TFF-Indonesia program, maintains close links with like-minded institutions and organizations.