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TFF and TNC join forces to field test the RIL-Carbon evaluation methodology …

TFF and TNC join forces to field test the RIL-Carbon evaluation methodology …The only credible existing methodology in Indonesia which can be used for measuring and verifying improvements in Carbon retention due to improvements in forest management, specifically the adoption of reduced impact logging (RIL), was developed after years of research by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the US-based consulting firm of Winrock. After rigorous peer review, this methodology was accredited by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and is now referred to as the VCS RIL-C Methodology.

Now for the first time, this methodology is being tested on a large scale in a working concession. TFF has partnered with the concession of PT Narkata Rimba Timber in East Kalimantan to implement the RIL practices on a 500 ha portion of the 2017 annual operating area. This engagement is made possible through TFFs membership in the Responsible Asia Forest & Trade (RAFT) partnership in close collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

Under this working relationship, TFF trains and supervises concession staff in the implementation of RIL planning and operations. Once the trial area has been completed, TNC will recruit a third party auditor to evaluate the outcome of the RIL trial using the methodology described in the VCS documents VM0035 and VMD0047.

Harvesting activities are progressing well and are expected to be completed in the trial area by the end of 2017. Independent audit of the area will take place in early 2018.